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  • Walter Krochmal's Story: Back On His Feet

  • Walter Krochmal leads an active life. The 63-year-old pharmacist works full-time and is on his feet virtually the entire day. During his time off, he enjoys woodworking, maintaining his yard and traveling with his wife.

    Krochmal would not be able to do the things he loves if he had not had hip replacement surgery at The Miriam Hospital. Prior to his operations, he experienced soreness in both hips and fatigue when he attempted to walk even short distances. This prompted Krochmal to see orthopedic surgeon Roy Aaron, MD.

    X-rays of Krochmal's hips confirmed that osteoarthritis was the cause of his discomfort. He decided to have his right hip replaced.

    The first procedure was so successful that Krochmal had his left hip replaced about a year later. He was at The Miriam only four days after each procedure, in rehabilitation for one week following his second operation, and out of work for twelve days following each replacement.

    Krochmal says The Miriam team was exceptional-from the pre-admissions staff to the physical therapists.

    Six months after his second operation, Krochmal feels like a new man. He experienced mild muscle soreness for a short time after rehabilitation, but the pain has since subsided. To others considering hip replacement Krochmal offers this advice: "Do it. It's really not that bad." Krochmal urges other patients to "follow the doctor's instructions" during recovery. He warns that patients should not "push their luck" by doing minimal exercises or by working out excessively. He adds that it is also helpful to have a caregiver during recuperation; he feels fortunate to have his caring wife.

    Walter Krochmal says The Miriam stands alone. We're glad to see him do the same.