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  • A Few Rules for Sports Injuries

  • Having too much fun

    To prevent overuse injuries, try few common sense rules:

    1. Children shouldn't play through their pain. Packing a knee with ice and sending a child back into the game could lead to serious injury.
    2. Kids shouldn't play a major sport every season. Choose sports that work different muscle groups. For example, if they're long-distance running in the spring, they shouldn't play lacrosse in the summer and soccer in the fall. Weight training is more appropriate.
    3. Don't let children play on more than one team per sport per season. It's important for them to rest on weekends if they're playing sports during the week.
    4. See a doctor is your child is limping.

    A good suggestion is getting to know your child's coach. Find out whether the coach is more interested in winning or making sure children are having fun.

    Take it seriously when a child complains of pain, especially if he or she is going through a growth spurt.

    The goal of sports should be to improve health and to make exercise a lifelong activity. The attitude of parents shouldn't be "did you win?" but "what did you learn?"